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Funny cat jokes "Origin of name Cats"

On this occasion, allow me to entertain readers of this blog with the theme funny cat jokes "Origin of name Cats" Once upon a time, there was an old man who is very poor.Slumped staring poverty, when walking in the woods he found a golden fluffy cat is very beautiful. He immediately took her home expecting fortunes soon come to him.He wants to give a special name for the cat that immediately came to her fortune. He also asked for advice to the heads of local tribes.

He said, "I want to give this cat a cat name Tiger, what do you think?"A chieftain said, "Ah, courage tigers lose with courage dragon, why do not you just name the cat Dragon?"

A second tribal chief said, "No doubt, the dragon is more manly than a tiger, but the dragon requires floating clouds to soar in the sky, is not more noble cloud, named only Cat Clouds".

The third tribal chief said, "Absolutely clouds may cover the sky, but the clouds will soon disappear once the wind is blowing. The wind is stronger than the clouds. Namai only cat Cat Wind."The fourth chieftain said, "Ah, how strong the wind can not penetrate the wall though. Give your cat Cats Wall name only."

Fifth chiefs immediately said, "How robust wall though, a mouse can make a hole in the wall. How could the wall to beat the rat. My advice, give only the name of the cat Cat Rat"The old man was getting confused and finally said, "Ah Crazy you all ... never mind I love cats name, so why cats instead of mice?"

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